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Specializes in a variety of professional services from public relations, international communications, media relations, political marketing, crisis management, media kits, advertisement, press coverage as well as teaching and trainings.



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The international entertainment and management services company with a variety products/services from film production, motion pictures, photography, television specials and what is more - artists and professionals management




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A professional science and research institute offers a wide range of research; academic and business, helps to build the strategy in the company. Help to improve the data analysis and statistics for the futher improvement of the companies.


Universal Body Complex


Angelica Pegani is a member of Board of Trustees, Spokesperson and Secretary General of the Excellence World Foundation. As Chairwoman of The Board of Trustees and Head of the Executive Committe of the Excellence World Foundation and Founder and CEO of a company, UBC Entertainment and Management Group in Poland, Angelica supports different values of the world through international projects related to charity issues. The commitment of the Chairwoman is a crucial ingredient to create a responsible foundation and promote positive changes. Pegani is an active member of the foundation that consists three international projects which are community development, women's empowerment and special community programs. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology, The Institute of Journalism and Social Communication, University of Wrocław, majored in Journalism and Social Communication specialized in Radio and Television Journalism with bachelor's degree in 2013. Year later, she enrolled at the master studies at the Faculty of Life Sciences, The Institute of Sociology, Philosophy and Journalism, University of Gdańsk, majored in Journalism and Social Communication specialized in Public Relations and Advertising with master's diploma. In 2015 year, she began studies at the Faculty of Management and Economics, at the Engineering Department of Management, Gdańsk University of Technology majored in Management and Economics specialized in Operational Management in Business Corporations. Pegani has professed an interest in foreign languages and has studied English, French, Italian and Danish. She has been also working for Manhattan Business Magazine - a business magazine that integrates the managers, business leaders and CEOs from a different industries. She became the part of the initiative of integration of business communities both locally, in Poland, and globally, in the world, mainly Europe, US and Canada. The magazine is currently distributed to Consulates of different countries in major metropolitan areas: Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Moscow, Kiev, Berlin, Paris, Australia, India, Brussels, Brazil, Africa, London and Oslo. She has been featured as an author, journalist and writer in Flava World Magazine, Happiness of Life Magazine and Manhattan Business Magazine. In 2013 year, she became the founder and chief executive officer of the international entertainment and management company The Universal Body Complex Entertainment Group that creates more jobs and greater economic opportunities, and by working to find new and innovative approaches to the challenge of unemployment in the region. In the same year, she became an editor in chief in the House of Valiumo Publishing House. She also became a spokeswoman for Women Empowerment Program which supports the lives of women through mentoring and leading projects worldwide. She is also a member of PADMA organization that supports women's empowerment.
Rafał Grądzki is the main photographer at The Universal Body Complex Entertainment and Management Group in Poland. Photography has been his passion for a long time but recently he decided to devote more time on his interests. He enjoy spending time with people and travel photography aside from his daily work as a board advisor in one of the renowned companies in Trójmiasto, Poland. He spends his holidays in Istanbul where he captures daily life on the street, and explores sufi world. He works on Nikon gear in the studio and Olympus micro 4/3 cameras on the street. He prefers to be mobile, movable and ready for various unexpected photographic situations. His experience in variety of photo sessions shows how dedicated and professional his photography is currently. Rafał has been working for many companies on the executive positions including board member and board advisor. He had been engaged into many national and international projects. On a daily basis he is a specialist in integrating environment in companies in order to achieve best performance and efficiency. Diverse experience in making changes, restructuring, human resources management and organizational development in large organizations. Experience in setting up new factories. Extensive experience in conducting various consulting and training projects in the areas of corporate restructuring processes and human resources management. Experience in the field of operational management activities of production and maintenance. Practical knowledge of project management in the enterprise. Practical knowledge of issues related to the costs and procedures for financial management analysis. Rafał graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Gdańsk with a master's diploma in 1999. He speaks Polish and English language fluently.
Gordon Blackler is a photographer with more than 15 years of experience, based in Gdynia/Sopot/Gdańsk in Poland. He specializes in lifestyle and business portraits as well as creating professional model portfolios. Gordon also has experience in fashion photography and his personal projects range from conceptual to street photography. Born in England, he currently lives in Trójmiasto. Blackler believes that “Everyone has a story to tell.” His personal expression of telling original stories is through the creation of beautiful imagery.
Urszula Ajzyk is a specialist of social media at the UBC Entertainment and Management Group in Poland.She gained her experience through her bachelor studies at the Politechnika Koszalińska, majored in Journalism and Social Communication that she graduated in 2013. She was a part of many student's Urszula speaks Polish language fluently.
Patrycja Kreft is a creative content specialist for UBC Group since November 2016. She graduated from Gdańsk University, Faculty of Social Sciences, majored in Journalism and Social Communication and from Faculty of Management. She is responsible for conceptualize, development, production and implementation ,messaging and design solutions that meet marketing strategies, brand requirements and creative expectations. Vehicles include print, marketing collateral, presentations, newsletters, brochures, email marketing, website, video, event marketing, internal digital signage system and facility signage. Conceptualize, design and write copy for each campaign or marketing piece. Assist in management of UBC Standards design, development, and creative updates for signage, packaging, corporate stationary, logos, branded promotional items and other visual elements. Managing project schedules, budgets and invoices. Also Oversee print production. Knowledgeable in print specifications to coordinate final production, printing and delivery. Interface with outside vendors (such as agencies, printers, programmers, developers or other technicians) to complete the final product. Develop or acquire imagery used in creative projects. Point of contact with photographers, coordination of photo shoots, documentation. Manage creative media assets. Maintain marketing photo/image libraries. Maintain hardcopy and electronic files for creative projects. Maintain high level of knowledge and skill with all computer software related to the design and production of print materials. Performs other duties as assigned my manager.
Piotr Dziewoński is the main content editor since November 2016. He is responsible for writing, editing and distributing a valuable press content for the UBC Company. Copywriter, writer, journalist. manager, musician. He has published three books: :Intravenously about Dudku - Edward Dziewońskim", "Friedrich Nietzsche and Ironic Belief in "Wedding" by Witold Gombrowicz" and "Leopold Pobóg-Kielanowski". He also wrote for the "Foyer" or "Noisey". He worked as a senior editor in the program "All About Culture" that was emitted in TVP2. Publisher of one of the departments in TVP Kultura, literary director of the Musical Theatre Roma, Head of PR at the Theatre Square, copywriter of Grandes Kochonos, manager of the teams Moja Adrenalina/Semantik Punk. He currently plays in the band Dead Sirens and is a creative director at an advertising agency called "Upside".
Tomasz Golec is a professional IT specialist and member of the board at the UBC Entertainment and Management Group in Poland. He graduated from School of Management, majored in Engineering. He specialises in: Computer Networks and Distributed Systems. IT engineer specializing in computer networks and distributed systems. On a daily basic he is an IT specialist in Sheraton Hotels & Resorts where he is responsible for Management AD, Management of LAN, WAN, WLAN, Network management. Tomasz speaks Polish, English and German languages.
Nina Chountri is an conference and event organiser at the UBC Entertainment and Mnaagement Group based in Greece. She has got almost 15 years of experience in hospitality industry, while she was working for different hotels in Greece. Nina speaks English and German languages.