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Recent news from the Excellence World Foundation.

''Female Entrepreneurship represents the highest value in the Excellence World Foundation and the way we work will increase the level of self improvement of females with our professionals specialized in female leadership'' - says Angelica Pegani, a secretary general at the Excellence World Foundation.




We have discussed her new initiative to support orphanages globally, challenges and opportunities for community development also female’s entrepreneurship which are possibilities to get education and work, being still a young women in the world. As Chairwoman of the Excellence World Foundation, Angelica Pegani, is going to support wide range of charitable projects and humanitarian interests in Poland. The foundation itself was created to become organization dedicated to supporting programs and projects based in orphanages, community development also women empowerment.   

What brings you to start being active in the Excellence World Foundation?

The Excellence World Foundation was established to formalize the philanthropy of work which supposed to be done years ago. The members of our foundation want to give back to the community charity projects which will help children from different orphanages in Poland. The main goals is to invest in education of children, to help families in need also to create projects for women who want to became entrepreneurs and encouraged them to become active members in their social circles inside community. 

How women can manage being a female entrepreneur in the world today?

I was encouraged by my own leaders to start the Excellence World Foundation in 2013. Persons I have worked with were surprised of dedication, work and endless energy I was giving back, during projects. What motivates is a desire of change. We are all great, but not enough brave to take challenges. Through the Excellence World Foundation we want to show that reaching out and touching lives of others life is incredibly empowering. It is a joy itself of making a difference by helping those who are in need. Women are brave enough to manage being female’s entrepreneurs.

When you think about women improvement, there have been a number of efforts made by previous leaders over the last decade. How much work do we need to do?

We need equal rights like men do. Previous leaders made the first steps but they need us to collaborate. Our education, experience and new vision is a fantastic inspiration for older generation. We have so many opportunities in a present world to make changes. What is the most important there are still communities that need help and through the Excellence World Foundation we want to guarantee positive changes.

What are important mediums of sharing values and knowledge in the age filled with technology and cybernetics?

Media for example are really strong itself, which means that films, music and television has a huge impact on our community. Through artistic work you can help, through charitable projects and humanitarian interests you can make a change. The secret is one. You have to truly be passionate about what do you do and put energy into it and you will see positive results in the future.

What do you think about the need of education, how the idea of female empowerment plays out with graduating and finding themselves unemployed?

Education is not only a degree. Itself the idea of education is very important for young adults to shape their minds and to be a specialist in one profession. The most important issue is knowledge to stay in peace and diplomacy. Education can lead to a normal life of average people that they can prosper and succeed. Education is not only about going to University it is about being informed reader and to have positive approach towards other people.

How can this be done specifically in Poland?

Children from orphanages do not have access to higher education. What we want to change is to encourage, motivate and educate young adults through charitable projects. Focusing on such sector as education gives the ability of finding profitable work in the future.

How do women manage this education, employment and entrepreneurship?

Women are very strong. They were not heard ten years or twenty years ago, because their live was at home with children. The man was the head of the family, a member who could earn money and keep his family financially strong. Nowadays, this situation has been changed already, because women once said: ‘’We want to work after our motherhood, we want to succeed in our work, earn our own money.’’ This situation leads men to be more open-minded for women’s rights to decide for themselves.

How would you describe the role of women twenty years ago and compare this situation with present. Is it totally different comparing these days?

The role of women was one, they were mothers and wives. For right now, we want them to work, educate themselves and have their own passionate lives, like men do. This is a big question for public society if they still want to see women staying at home with their children, or to see them as leaders in public life.

Do you more speak for majority of women in Poland or are there any voices of disagreement?

I speak for around seventy percent of women in Poland, but it’s global, in Europe women are educated, they can earn money, through their stable work. At the same time they appear in television as entrepreneurs, they open businesses and starting foundations, without any doubts I can honestly said that women are leading nowadays. The fact is, men taught them so many valuable things, related to education, work and entrepreneurship.

What values would you like to give to young women to share the knowledge of female’s entrepreneurship?

You are on your own with all opportunities and possibilities. Remember that your life is in your hands and nobody else. Never sell yourself for any amount or anything. Respect others because you will gain lifelong respect for yourself. Being grateful what you have already achieved is a great motivation, you become proud of yourself and you feel fulfillment. In the end, remember that you are special and you deserve for everything what is the best.

What characteristics women have nowadays?

I can only speak about my younger generation. Women under the age of 30 don’t understand the sentence ‘slow speed’. ”They are globalized, educated and used to technology and they want things to happen quickly and they want them to happen now." They are impatient of waiting for changes and they want to do them now.

What do you envision for Poland in the next 5 years?

Women will have their own voice. The voice of encouragement,  it is more the issue of being a leader with femininity. A lot of Polish women want changes related to civil rights and women empowerment. First thing to understand is the way we think, our voices were discriminated so we still feel disagreement in many issues.

What do you see more in global television and politics, any changes in media?

What you can see in European media is the fact that women start to hold their own voices which is a big step into the future.

Thank you very much for your time. I sincerely appreciate our interview.

Thank you very much for our interview.

Source: The Excellence World Foundation

Angelica Pegani was interviewed for Valiumo International Magazine by the Excellence World Foundation where she talks on female leadership, entrepreneurship and changes in community of her native country Poland.



Angelica Pegani represents women’s leadership as vice-chairwoman and secretary general of the Excellence World Foundation. She was also a guest interviewee in Valiumo Magazine. Her 8 questions interview was a challenge, but she gave some more positive feedback and answered for 10 of them, and proved herself and showed herself as beautiful woman.

You have become secretary general and chairwoman in the Excellence World Foundation. What do you represent?

I know I am in a privileged position because it is my work to present public role, accompanying other women. All of these international trips I had in my life, taught me to be more open-minded, to talk about qualities women have got and also to show the input I gave in the Excellence World Foundation.

What is your role in the Excellence World Foundation?

First of all, we are creating charitable projects and support humanitarian interests in Poland. As to my role, it is more representative role. I believe that hard work and creativity will lead our foundation to reach our goals. After all, I can stay in the office for hours to see I have finally finished working on the projects. You can only be satisfied when hard work pays off and I do like working hard and see the results in the end, especially when it is about giving back the support to community.

What has been changed in the world of women?

Back in the days, women have not got their own voice. They were educated but not organized well. What the Excellence World Foundation wants to prove is a focus on young women. To give them support they need and to show them other possibilities how to succeed. 

Do you think that women have appropriate characteristics to become successful in their journey? Do you describe success in terms of being a winner?

”Winners can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way and who will be sharing the adventure with them.”

What makes average person successful?

"The average person puts only 25% of his energy and abilities into his work. The world opens doors for success those who put more than 50% of their capacity. The World has no mercy for those who devote 100% because those few are the greatest ones." - That is a very smart quote and I can easily undersigned under that quotation by myself.

Have you seen any changes in women empowerment?

Women were disrespected decades ago in some religions, why do not change it, creating more work places for women, giving support to start their own businesses and to earn their own money.

Mentoring or supporting?

If you are looking for a mentor you can see them in every big and international companies. They usually have got a huge impact on people’s life cause they learnt all the necessary skills to be in the position they are right now. If you are looking for support, you can get it in every organization and foundation which is related and specialized in your field.

What about leadership?

Leadership is essential. The best opportunity to keep the leadership’s skills is to have a mentor who provides you guidance. That person observes work you do and leads you to a productive way which means working effectively and efficiently. Leader helps you to achieve goals, coordinates your career, motivates and proves great results of your work. I have got a great support back at home so I feel very fortunate.

Are you planning to participate in any women leadership seminars in the near future?

Absolutely in the near future. I am really impressed by Global Women Leaders Conference in Dubai. I only read the report from the conference but the way women celebrates courage, creativity, strength. Women improvement initiatives are absolutely worth to become a part of such a movement on the big scale in Europe.

What is the role of religion?

Religion supports education and increase the worth of self - respect. Religion is the key to keep balance and wealthy life.

Thank you for the interview.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Source: The Excellence World Foundation